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Self Heating Knee Pads with Tourmaline Microfibre Short
Self Heating Knee Pads with Tourmaline Microfibre Short
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♦ Promotes circulation of blood

♦ Removes dampness and dispel coldness

♦ Eliminates blood stasis

♦ Ease pain

♦ Alleviate excessive strain of joint and prevent the aging of articular bone

Improves the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, reduce blood viscosity

Improves blood lipid metabolism, have the cholesterol-lowering and sliming effect

♦ Suitable for people with knee pain

♦ All kinds of pain in or around knee joint and knee coldness

♦ Apply the energy cover of knee protector directly on the surface of skin

♦ Less extreme than Neoprine version of knee pads but as effective

♦Use it unlimited time

♦ Allowed to wear it in sleep or under clothes

♦ Extend the wearing time is allowed according to personal conditions

♦ People who have sensitive skin will feel heat when wearing, which is a normal phenomenon and will not damage your skin. Some other people will hardly feel anything but it do the healing no matter you feel the heat or not

♦ Hand wash with mild soap

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Definitely worth a try!

- 08th November 2014

I've been having knee pain and stiffness for quite a while now. The dr said it was probably due to weakness but there's no rhyme or reason to when I get the pain and it is in both knees. Bought these with the hope that I wouldn't wake up in pain or want t...

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