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Self Heating Knee Pads with Tourmaline Neoprene
Self Heating Knee Pads with Tourmaline Neoprene
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♦ Promotes circulation of blood

♦ Removes dampness and dispel coldness

♦ Eliminates blood stasis

♦ Ease pain

♦ Alleviate excessive strain of joint and prevent the aging of articular bone

♦ Improves the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, reduce blood viscosity

♦ Improves blood lipid metabolism, have the cholesterol-lowering and sliming effect

♦ Suitable for people with knee pain

♦ All kinds of pain in or around knee joint and knee coldness

♦ Apply the energy cover of knee protector directly on the surface of skin

♦ Tighter coverage will increase effectiveness

♦ Use it twice per day, 3 hours per time

♦ Do not wear it in sleep

♦ Extend the wearing time is allowed according to personal conditions

♦ People who have sensitive skin will feel burning when wearing, which is a normal phenomenon and will not damage your skin; at this time, you can shorten the time to wear it.

♦ If the user hopes to see effectiveness quickly, spray some water on function area.

♦ Hand wash with mild soap

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But eventually they became comfortable.

- 10th December 2014

These took some getting used to because of heat they produce, but eventually they became comfortable.

Very usefull, has greatly helped with pain management.

- 01st October 2014

I have not a clue how these work, all I know is that when I moisten them as directed and put them on my knees they heat up very quickly and provide a soothing remedy to years of pain.

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